Letterpress Grab Bag

$ 12.00

This is a mystery selection of 5 or more letterpress paper goods which may include cards with envelopes, tags, stickers, or other paper goods. This is your chance to get letterpress printed cards at a DEEP discount as my single letterpress cards are normally $4-$5 each. Plus, it's just fun to be surprised!

Some of the possibilities include: thank you notes, Christmas cards, birthday cards, hello cards, note cards, and gift tags. I am unable to take requests on specific cards to include in the set. Please note, some of the included cards may be imperfect with a stray ink spot or folded corner that made them ineligible for a full price sale. I try to include a good variety in each set, but you might end up with mostly thank you notes depending on my available selection at the time.

These cards are 100% cotton and tree free! They are made from fibers reclaimed from the garment industry and produced using wind and hydro energy. The gray and kraft envelopes are made from 30% post consumer waste, and the white envelopes are 100% cotton. All of my packaging is either recyclable, compostable, recycled, or otherwise eco-friendly. My shipping labels and liners are fully curbside recyclable. In my printing studio, I recycle, compost, and reuse as much as I can. My studio and office are powered by 100% renewable energy.

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