Letterpress Christmas card with mountains and trees, merry Christmas greeting cards green

$ 6.00

This is a set of letterpress Christmas cards and envelopes. They are printed with "Merry Christmas" in green ink with mountains and trees. Choose the number of cards and envelopes you'd like in your set from the drop down menu.

They are hand printed on my antique Chandler and Price letterpress on 100% cotton, white paper in green ink. The cards measure 5.5" x 4.25" when folded. They come with kraft colored, triangle flap envelopes. The cards come packaged in a kraft box. The back of the card is printed with the Yellow Fish logo.

Sustainability is important to me and I've made an effort to reflect that in this product. The paper used for the cards is 100% cotton, made with wind and hydro energy. The part of the cotton plant used to make paper is considered a pre-consumer waste by product of the textile industry that would otherwise be discarded if it weren't made into paper. The envelopes that come with the cards are made from 30% post consumer waste. These cards are shipped in a recyclable box or envelope made from recycled materials.

I personally print each card on my 100 year old press after hand mixing the ink, so the ink color and depth of print may vary a little from what is shown in the picture. This process makes each card beautiful and unique, but it doesn't result in "perfect" prints. I love that about letterpress, but I just want you to be aware that your cards might not look exactly like the photo as a result.

Please allow 3-5 business days to ship.